Real estate in Hoboken has been on a tear over the past year or so. We plan to recap the top sales in Hoboken every month. Without further ado, here are the five highest real estate closings for the month of July, 2015.

Links attached containing pictures of each listing:

  1. 1033 Park Ave ; sold for $2.45m 
  2. The W Hoboken, 225 River St., #1904 ; sold for $1.975M
  3. 1125 Maxwell Lane, #908 ; sold for $1.925M
  4. 1425 Garden Street, #201 ; sold for $1.78M
  5. 1125 Maxwell Lane, #646 ; sold for $1.725M

The top July sales all have a few things in common. Most are in well-known buildings like the W, Maxwell Place and Garden Street Lofts, as well as a single family brownstone property. All of them are over 1600 sq feet (and a few hovering around 2000 sq feet). 4 of the 5 are uptown near the 14th Street Ferry and bus, while the W is downtown right near the Path. It’s easy to deduce that the top end real estate is gearing towards large square footage properties that are near mass-transit hubs.