We’re pretty excited for the release of Tesla’s new model 3. The car has the potential to transform the mass-market electric vehicle scene. And Hoboken, Inc. will be on hand to cover it live starting at 10pm ET/ 7pm PT (the event doesn’t start until 11:30 pm ET).

If you don’t know what the Model 3 is, this is a good primer on its importance. This is just the beginning of Model 3 events. The car won’t go into production until late 2017, and more reveals will be underway:

What does Tesla have to do with Hoboken, you say? Well, our blog is all about moving forward enterprising concepts and ideas. And we can’t think of a better future than one in which our cars emit zero emissions. Plus, it’s just really cool. So if you’re interested, check back around 11pm ET tonight where we will be covering the event live.