Bröd Kitchen, a fresh, vibrant bakery & eatery offering artisanal breads & restaurant-quality foods in a casual setting, is coming to uptown Hoboken at 1100 Maxwell Place.

With an established site on the Upper East Side at 63rd and 2nd, we think Bröd Kitchen will be a perfect fit in their uptown Hoboken location. This marks a continued trend for established NYC restaurants venturing across the Hudson in the past year (The Ainsworth, City of Saints Coffee Roasters, to name a few).

Their website (which is beautifully designed, btw), notes that “Bröd means “bread” in Swedish, which is where our journey began. From flour to yeast, we bake our bread using ingredients that improve its quality and health benefits dramatically. Bröd Kitchen follows the same principles we use to make our breads throughout our entire menu, focusing on the best ingredients and the most health conscious preparation techniques.

The menu options are expansive and diverse; centering on their theme of artisanal breads. We’ll keep our eye on this great development. And we can’t wait to welcome Bröd to our city!