We’re excited for the new uptown Hoboken restaurant Porter Collins opening at 1426 Willow. The restaurant bills itself as “Hoboken’s go-to spot for classically crafted cocktails and inventive American cuisine.” We hear that it’s going to have an authentic wood fired oven, a rarity in Hoboken.

Porter Collins is being produced by Pino Hospitality – the same group that owns Anthony David’s and Bin 14. Lead by chef Anthony Pino, those two places have brought much needed quality dining options to Hoboken. So we really can’t wait for another one of their offerings.

Most importantly, Porter Collins brings jobs (they’re hiring) and progress to uptown Hoboken. Look at how 1426 Willow looks now:

It used to be an auto body repair shop. It’s now going to be a top quality restaurant for people and their families to enjoy.

Thanks to Pino for investing in Hoboken and making it better. And thanks to all involved in helping make Porter Collins a reality. Northwest Hoboken continues to get better with Trader Joe’s opening around the corner and West Elm coming a block away. And we look forward to more residential, retail and commercial options in the area.

Photo Credit: Anthony David’s