Hoboken’s Bike Share operator, Hudson Bike Share, announced that it has expanded the program to 10 new stations, bringing the total number of stations to 28. The additional stations are:

–              Washington St & 14th St
–              Grand St & 9th St
–              Garden St & 8th St
–              Jefferson St & 6th St
–              Park Ave & 5th St
–              Washington St & 4th St
–              Grand St & 2nd St
–              Adams St & Newark St
–              Harrison St & Observer Hwy
–              Marshall St at 2nd St

They’ve also increased capacity at Washington St & 11th St and River St & 6th St.

We love Hoboken’s bike share program. And hope that Hoboken continues to favor unbiased streets over roads. As Andrew Price writes in his blog, For a street to be unbiased, it needs to not prefer one mode of transportation over the other. Be it walking, cycling, driving, skating, jogging, horse-riding, or driving those self-balancing two-wheeled boards that are sold under a countless number of different names. To be completely unbiased, we cannot dedicate any of the street surface to any one mode.