This winter season is going to get a bit more fun in Hoboken with the new addition of an ice skating rink.

We have confirmed that a new ice skating rink will be created under the Viaduct on or around December 20 and will run until February 28, 2017. The rink and winter village will be open daily from 9:00am to 10:00pm. The rink will be going in the area just east of the new soccer pitch fields – right in front of the movie theater. 

The city approved a sponsorship agreement at this past Wednesday’s city council meeting. According to the sponsorship agreement, Chill Entertainment will set up an ice skating rink, and Advance Realty, the company that owns the newly constructed Harlow building featuring the much anticipated Trader Joe’s will be paying $25,000 to help defray the costs. The name of the rink will be called “Harlow Winter Village.”

icerinkwinterhincImage Credit: Chill Entertainment

We absolutely love all the wonderful development going on in North West Hoboken. The City has done a tremendous job transforming this area from an outmoded industrial district to one of the premier areas of Hoboken. And we also appreciate that a developer is giving back to the community in a very nice way in setting up this ice rink. That’s exactly how development should work – non-zero sum, and with multiple parties (especially the public) benefiting.

With a new Trader Joe’s, West Elm, and 6 acre park – it just keeps getting better to live here.

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