realestateWe are huge fans of – a site dedicated to covering Hoboken real estate. They provide valuable statistics and present their information in a professional manner (our modus operandi with our own site).

Their latest post notes that on average, Hoboken real estate is up over 20% from a year ago. The average list price for a 2 bedroom is $788,316 which is less than the average selling price for 2 bedrooms – $788,586. This means that bidding wars are common, and it’s factual, and not conjecture, to say that homes on average sell for more than the list price.

The New York Times had an interesting article that more people in Manhattan who rent are buying second homes instead of primary residences. This is mostly due to being priced out of the Manhattan area. Hoboken offers an easy commute to Manhattan, a beautiful downtown, and the most walkable city in America. And many improvements are on the way. Let’s keep the pressure on moving Hoboken in the right direction.

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