Strong TownsHoboken is cruising right along in‘s first annual “Strongest Town” contest. The contest aims to showcase towns that are a model of development by growing financially strong and resilient (which we’ve more fully explained here). Hoboken now faces off with Sandusky, OH in the final four match-up.

The rest of the final four is comprised of Holland, MI squaring off against Carlisle, PA. Remember to check back often to vote Hoboken into the finals!

Here’s the remaining schedule of events, along with a current bracket:

Mar 23-27: Final Four are notified and record podcasts with Chuck to talk about their town.

Mar 28-29: Final Four podcasts are published and Strong Towns readers vote for the strongest.

Mar 30-31: The Championship Round is announced and a live webinar takes place with the final two. Strong Towns readers vote for the strongest.

Apr 1:  The winner is announced