A new Hoboken hotel coming to a site adjacent to the downtown post office has been discussed for a bit of time. But seeing is believing, and a new website with detailed plans from KMS Development Partners shows renderings of what we think would be a beautiful and complimentary addition to our waterfront.

Currently, this is what the area of the proposed hotel location looks like:

It provides zero jobs or tax revenue and is essentially a parking lot right on our waterfront. Is there any reason a parked car deserves that view? We have to (and can) do better.

The Proposed Hotel would be twenty stories tall with 238 rooms. That fits in nicely with the adjacent waterfront buildings as it would be six feet shorter than the 223-room W Hoboken, Hoboken’s only other hotel.

KMS provides a detailed estimate that the project will offer $1.6 million in tax revenue to the city:


In addition to the tax revenue, the project will also provide 537 hotel construction jobs plus millions in economic revenue:


But even beyond the jobs + increased revenue, what really excites us is the option for more things to do in our city. The proposed plan for the Hilton calls for a 6,000 square feet rooftop for special events, weddings and banquets. What a wonderful benefit to a city with limited amounts of scalable event space for rent. The W Hoboken features great restaurants with a variety of artisanal food. And we’re excited to see what the Hilton could offer.

The Hoboken post office will also be renovated according the Hotel’s website. We’d like to hear how the hotel will be built as environmentally friendly as possible such as LEED certification (greener is better) and possibly widen the side-walk areas near the waterfront.

Possible Improvements:

One area where we think the plans could be improved is the proposed configuration of Newark street. The plan calls for a minimal sidewalk area, which is a short space leading to our beautiful waterfront:


Instead of parking on either side (remember, Hoboken’s public parking garages have excess capacity), we’d much rather see a shared street (or at least a much wider sidewalk) leading to the waterfront, as seen in the image below:


And to satisfy the issue of parking, we’d recommend that the hotel features some sort of on-site parking similar to the W Hoboken. Parked cars shouldn’t occupy our best public real estate.

Lastly, and perhaps most obviously, Hoboken only has one hotel in the entire city. And with Newell Brands and Ernst & Young coming to the Hoboken waterfront, they should have a greater ability to have their visiting employees stay here in Hoboken – not in Jersey City or Manhattan. We would literally be sending dollars out of town by not keeping up with the demand. And we as a city need to be proactive, not reactive, to the growing needs of our residents and businesses. It’s a no brainer that Hoboken could use a few more hotels. Let’s turn a loading dock into one.



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