The former headquarters of the Hudson Reporter on 1400 Washington Street has sold for $4.9 Million to Manhattan based real estate firm Thor Equities.

The original asking price was $5.8 million, as we previously covered. It’s Thor’s first foray into Hoboken. And we think they couldn’t have picked a better site for a prime retail establishment.

There is a multitude of enterprising development coming to the area like Trader Joe’s, West Elm and 1400 Hudson. What this spot (and Hoboken in general) could really use is a well-known retailer. This location would be perfect for a Williams-Sonoma or an Apple store, the latter of which typically averages around 8400 square feet per store (this location features 6000 square feet).

We are excited to see what enterprising company will occupy this space – not only because of job creation and increased city revenue, but because Hoboken needs more commercial establishments.

And we love how Thor’s rendering has a rooftop area for seating. It would be perfect for a restaurant like Eataly’s La Birrera.

(Image Attribution: Thor Equities)