We’ve talked before about the importance of connecting Hoboken’s waterfront. It’s Hoboken’s crown jewel.

And while there’s beautiful Pier A and Pier C parks to the South:


and Maxwell Place Park to the North:

Maxwell Place Park in Hoboken

there’s currently a blighted space in the center that houses the Union Dry Dock Company.

And don’t take our word that it’s a blighted area, here’s a current pic of it from Google Maps – barbed wire and all:

Barbed wire doesn’t belong on Hoboken’s waterfront. It can’t be what residents and visitors see as they visit our great city.

Even worse, this area separates the rest of the connected waterfront. There’s only a small footpath a few feet wide.

Fortunately, Hoboken’s city council, with the help of a few advocacy groups, are changing this. They recently ran a pilot program to widen the area on Sinatra drive for pedestrians and bikers. It’s been a huge success and well received by the community. Tonight’s city council meeting has an ordinance that will make this enlarged walkway area permanent. This is a great first step in connecting Hoboken’s waterfront.

We aren’t opposed to the land being ultimately used for development – as long as a properly connected waterfront plan is in place. However, if Hoboken, Inc. had its druthers, this area would turn into a grand park for all to enjoy. It would make the waterfront truly spectacular and an institution that would be celebrated for generations to come.

So if you like parks, walkways, running, biking or just a Hoboken sans barbed wire on its waterfront, please come to the city council meeting tonight at 8:30pm and voice your support for ordinance #4.


Picture of Maxwell Place Park used under a creative commons license, picture attributable to r0ssss