Looks like the opportunities to become a ride-share driver are really heating up. Guy Adami, of CNBC’s Fast Money, swapped his stock trading abilities for a chauffeur cap and saw what it was like being a Lyft driver in Hoboken.

The video of the experience, embedded below, takes a light-hearted look at Adami’s brief tenure as a Lyft driver on the Hoboken city streets.

Lyft, as noted in the report on CNBC, ” launched in 2012 and competes with Uber and other on-demand ride companies, has more than 100,000 drivers, and shuttles passengers on an estimated 2 million rides per month, according to the company. It currently operates in more than 60 U.S. cities and says it’s launching in new cities ‘every week.'”

We love ride-share companies, along with the jobs, convenience and added commuting options they bring to Hoboken.