The building referred to as the “Wonderbread Building” at 7th and Grand is about to get a beautiful transformation. What currently is a dilapidated 100-year-old industrial warehouse will be repurposed into a mixed-use building.

Originally constructed in 1865 as the the John Schmalz’s Sons Inc.’s “Model Bakery” it became known for its Jersey Cream Malt Bread. The building was destroyed in a fire in 1909, and was rebuilt and became part of the Continental Baking Corporation and manufactured Wonderbread. Small local businesses and artists occupied the space in recent years. Though the building has been empty for quite some time.

The building will have approximately 121 residential condominium units and a commercial space. Most exciting is the fact that Minervini Vandermark Architecture, an architectural firm responsible for some of Hoboken’s best known designs, has released renderings of what the new building will look like. And they are going to repurpose 95% of the existing structure, as seen in the renderings in the gallery above. We hear the building’s emphasis will be to have larger 2 and 3 bedroom units. Our city needs to attract more families and less transiency, so we support the project being condominiums (vs rentals) and the larger units.

We’re excited that new investment is coming to this building that will keep its legacy. We like that Hoboken attempts to preserve original buildings when they’re undergoing new development. Doing so helps us remember our rich cultural history, despite being more expensive and complicated. The finished structure will bring new people, jobs and revenue into our great city while retaining the historical architecture of our past.