Washington Street, the main thoroughfare and business district of our city, is about to be completely changed – for the better. The city of Hoboken developed a plan to revitalize the street over the past year, and surveying work already started this week.

The final plan, which can be viewed in the links below, is projected to cost 14 million dollars. The plan’s biggest improvement will be making Hoboken a much more bike-friendly community, which is apparently great for businesses. The plan cites a 2013 study of New York City, that found a 49% increase in retail sales on 9th Avenue versus a 3% increase in all of New York City — after the installation of bike lanes and trees.

The new redesign, per the fancy website, calls for the following improvements:

  • Improved pedestrian safety
    • Curb extensions, ADA ramps, high visibility crosswalks, and pedestrian countdown timers
  • Enhanced mass transit
    • Redesigned bus shelters and bus stops and improved traffic signal timing to enhance access to and efficiency of public transportation
  • Dedicated bicycle facilities
    • Protected bicycle lanes and new bicycle parking facilities for safe bicycle access and to take bikes off of sidewalks
  • Facilitates commerce
    • Dedicated commercial loading zones for improved operations and circulation.
  • Supports economic vitality
    • “Better streets mean better business.” Improved lighting, street furniture, and wayfinding. Safer streets attract more people and activity and boost retail sales.
  • Safer parking & loading
    • Back-in angle parking, designated loading spaces, and short-term (30 min) parking spaces on each block to address double parking by delivery vehicles and those running quick errands
  • Green infrastructure
    • Tree pits, permeable materials, and rain garden curb extensions to mitigate flooding as part of a city-wide integrated water management strategy
  • Accessible to everyone
    • Safer, more accessible street designed for all ages and abilities
  • Infrastructure for the future
    • New water mains, a fiber optic spine, and electrical conduit to advance the microgrid project for energy resiliency and enhanced Internet connectivity

We are really excited for this new project to begin. Washington Street is the main street of Hoboken. And it’s the street that people most associate with their idea of what Hoboken is. An improved main street will benefit our entire city.

Some thoughts:

  • The dedicated bike lanes are a must in Hoboken. Between the Ferry, Bus, Path, Light Rail and local shuttles there isn’t a great need to drive within Hoboken. Our city is only a mile wide, and perfect for biking.
    • The plan calls for a two-way bike lane from observer highway to 8th street. And then a one-way, northbound lane from 8th to 16th street. Bikes heading south from 16th to 8th street will need to share the road with vehicles. We wish the two way bike lanes extended throughout the city.
  • Repaving is very welcome news. The current Washington street is embarrassingly pothole ridden. We hope that the city will do everything in its power to complete any work before the repaving occurs. The last thing anyone wants to see is a beautifully paved road being ripped up shortly thereafter for work that could’ve been done before the paving

Plan & Supporting Documents

Washington Street Final Plan [22.5 MB]

Washington Street plan bird’s eye view rendering [2.5 MB]

Washington Street plan street view rendering [1.9 MB]

Washington Street Project Schedule [86 KB]

Washington Street Benefit Cost Analysis Memo [377 KB]

Washington Street Existing Conditions Report [9.2 MB] & Map [43.6 MB]

Washington Street Technical Memo – Traffic Count Results & Traffic Analysis Summary [1.1 MB]

Washington Street Concept Alternatives Analysis Report [2.5 MB]

Washington Street Technical Memo – Parking Analysis Summary [828 KB]

Study Area Boundary Map [2.2 MB]

Washington Street & First Street time-lapse footage [181.3 MB]

Washington Street Historic Photos [1.8 MB]

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Grant Documents:

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Reference Documents:

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