Hoboken’s own craft beer maker – 902 Brewing Co., is set to open a tap room in Hoboken, as reported by hMAG.

What are “tap rooms”, you ask? Well, typically tap rooms allow a microbrewery to serve its beer directly to consumers (versus selling it in a liquor store or a bar). And they are a recent creation in New Jersey.

Prior to 2012 microbreweries could not sell their products for consumption on their premises. A 2012 change in the law thankfully eased these restrictions, although taprooms still cannot serve food, and can only sell their beer in conjunction with a tour.

There’s been a huge rise of taprooms along with the microbrewery movement. And 902’s tap room will be done with food sourced from the Hoboken Hot House.

902 Brewing Co. was founded back in 2012 and used a successful kick-starter campaign to jump start their business. Within a few years they’ve produced many Hoboken centric beers such as double parked double IPA, PATH Pale Ale and more. The company was named after its founding site on 902 Washington Street.

Good luck to 902 Brewing Co. on their latest taproom. We hope to see more of them and more small businesses that create jobs, revenue and things to do for the residents of our city.

902 Brewing Co. Tap Room
200 Madison St
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Image Attribution: http://902brewing.com/