Hoboken’s bike share, officially titled “Hudson Bike Share”, uses NextBike technology. The main difference between this program and the CitiBike program is that Hoboken’s program is less reliant on docking stations, and uses more on-board computing technology. We’ve been using the program actively since its launch, and here are 5 major takeaways:

1) Confirm That Your Bike is Returned! One of the great features of NextBike is that it has a lock so that you can make stops between your trips and dock the bike practically anywhere. However, this does not mean that your bike is officially returned. You need to lock the bike to a station (or nearby if its full) and then access its onboard computer and confirm the return. The instructions note this, but at times you may have to re-enter your code. No program is without its growing pains – so we think this is a minor concern.

2) The Price is Right. At just $95 dollars for an unlimited membership, it’s hard to argue the affordability factor of Hoboken’s bike share program. How many Uber’s have you taken that add up to $95? If you use the bike share once a week that’s less than $2 for each trip.

3) The Stations Make Sense, But More Are Coming. The city did a great job with the placement of bike stations, but even if you can’t find a bike, know that more are on their way. There are now 17 stations and 120 bikes active. With plans for a total expansion of 29 stations and 250 bikes in the coming weeks.

4) The Lock Feature Is Awesome. If you need to run errands you can pause your trip and lock the bike instantly to anything (even to itself). Just make sure you don’t go over your time. And make sure to pay attention to #1 on this list and confirm that you’ve returned your bike.

5) It’s a Start. This is a major program. I know some people wish we had integrated with CitiBike. I know some people had issues with bike availability. But you know what? This program is a big step in the right direction. We now have a bike share system that’s usable and widely available for less than $100 a year. We commend our city and the generous corporate sponsors who made this program a reality. The more we use it the better the program will be. And the more we will move Hoboken forward as a progressive, green city for entrepreneurs.

Bikeshare Map

Bikeshare Map